Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Vacation photos - Tofino

Earlier this year, I received an invitation to a friend's wedding that would take place on North Chesterman Beach in Tofino, British Columbia. The groom was a good friend of mine during my master's here in Montreal and I was a witness to the beginning of his relationship, or Love Story as they call it. Amazing folk and a beach wedding with breathtaking scenery... I decided this was an event not to be missed, and I am so happy I went. 

We had quite the trek getting there as we decided to fly in through Seattle and make a road-trip out of the occasion. Luckily everything went smoothly and we were treated to some fantastic vistas on our ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo and our drive to Tofino.

We made it to Tofino in time for dinner and found this gem before settling in to our B&B. What was great about our B&B was that is was quiet (only two rooms!) and the owner left your breakfast outside your door in the morning with some freshly baked goods. We also had our own patio to enjoy our coffee and meditate :)

We then went for an invigorating walk on Long Beach (where I developed a fascination with jellyfish) before getting ready for the wedding.

Apparently, in order to have the full Tofino experience, one must take an outdoor shower. It wasn't a particularly hot day, so hats off to Antoine who went for it!

The wedding was magical. We sang the bridesmaids down the isle...

The bride and groom read each other the poem "The Invitation", very powerful.  Undoubtedly though, the most magical moment of all was when the clouds, that had been a blanket over the sky all day, slowly parted during the ceremony to expose the sun, just as the officiant announced, "you may kiss the bride!". 

The reception took place at the Tofino Botanical Gardens, where we were invited to enjoy appetizers as we explored the grounds of the gardens before dinner & dancing.

The next morning we were invited to a brunch at the botanical gardens where we got to catch up with the newlyweds before heading off to Victoria for a few days. 

 Congratulations Lindsay and Freddy, we wish all the best throughout the journey that is your love story. xoxoxo

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