Saturday, May 25, 2013

She & Him no. 2

She: despite the fact that it was gone noon, was feeling more breakfast than lunch and opted for some oatmeal with a twist (recipe below).

He: ran away at the sight of the bananas and waited until my breakfast was over before heading back to the kitchen to stir up some eggs, cream, and herbs (from the garden :) in a pan to create a simple breakfast burrito. There's some melted cheese in there too, of course.

Have a lovely weekend! xo

Jamie Oliver's Banana & Cinnamon Oatmeal

(Jamie's Food Revolution // Ministry of Food)
(Recipe is for 4 people, my adaptations are in purple for 1 person)

2 cups quick cook oats (not instant) (1/2 cup)
3 cups milk or water (3/4 cup)
pinch of sea salt (same)
2 ripe bananas (half a banana)
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon (same)
2 tbsp poppy seeds (1/2 tbsp)
honey or maple syrup to taste (same)
handful of toasted & sliced almonds or shredded coconut (same)

1. Add oats, milk/water and salt to a saucepan on medium heat.
2. Simmer for 5-6 minutes, stirring often.

3. About 1-2 minutes before oatmeal is ready, add all the other ingredients. (I saved my maple syrup for after the oatmeal was in my bowl, if not it is too sweet)
4. If your oatmeal is too thick, add more milk/water until it's the consistency you enjoy.
5. Remove from heat and enjoy

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