Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lessons from my mum

Mon jardin
To celebrate my fabulous mum, my parents and sister came up this past weekend to Montreal to spend Mother's Day together. Antoine and I hosted brunch, and then we went for a walk where mum was treated to gifts from VdeV and Bella Pella. Afterwards, with some afternoon tea & cake, we sat around the computer and skyped with my brother in London, UK. Lovely day.

For the meal, we had quite the spread considering we were only five people...

I gathered the recipes from around the web - the main was a spinach and mushroom "crustless quiche" from Joy the Baker, the salads were roasted asparagus with egg and fried capers from Honestly Yum and pineapple with sugar mint from Jamie Oliver. The charcuterie and cheeses were from Maitre Affineur and the pastries were straight from Le Fromentier's ovens.

With a bit of inspiration from one of my daily blog reads, I wrote a few words down for her - "lessons from mum."

My mum taught me:
-Any time of day is an acceptable time for a cup of tea
-You can never have too many magazines
-Chocolate goes a long way towards curing what ails you
-The importance of saying, 'thank you'
-How to cook some delicious meals and bake some delectable desserts,
-To treat someone as you find them, and not as they have been described to you,
-That you are loved the way you are.

...Just some of many! xo

Love you maman

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