Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas brunch

After having spent a restful and rejuvenating Christmas in Saint-Augustin, Antoine and I were off to Ottawa to see my family for New Years.

On the way, we stopped for brunch with this good-looking couple...

Simon & St├ęphanie
Feeling festive, we started off with a little mimosa and tucked into some homemade quiche Lorraine and waffles, fruit salad, and sausages with maple syrup. 

Steph and I used to be roommates, so it felt like the 'good old days' when the four of us used to hang out. It is like the old saying, "True friendship is about isn't about being inseparable, it is being separated and nothing changes." 

Here's to friendships, new & old in 2013. Happy New Year!


Sunday, December 09, 2012

Rhume 101

So I am starting a little "rhume"...

When I am feeling a little under the weather, this is what I enjoy having for breakfast:  porridge (I added blueberries - plenty of antioxidants there), toast & honey with Aveda comforting tea. Part comfort food, part cold fighting agents - au revoir petit rhume!

Monday, December 03, 2012


This weekend my sister, Megan, came with her boyfriend & company to profit from the holiday shopping at Simon's, amongst all the other shops on Saint Catherine.  They also snuck in a little brunch with yours truly :)

I booked us a place at Lawrence, a new staple in Montreal's Mile-End that serves up English-inspired fare:

French toast with apples & cranberries
Gloucester pancakes, bacon, apples, & ricotta
Ham, Tomme, and fried egg on toast
English Breakfast (blood pudding not pictured ;)
Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas/New Years Megs! xoxo