Saturday, June 02, 2012

Un nouveau chez nous

New housemates...
 So it has been a little quiet on the Biche Breakfast side, but with good reason - we've moved!  Over a month ago now Antoine came to join me in Montreal and we moved to our new (well, old really) apartment in the Plateau Mont-Royal.  Now the walls are painted, the appliances are up & running, the boxes are unpacked, but we still have a little while to go before it is fully functional and to our taste.  That's the fun part though, right?

Designing our kitchen on IKEA home planner...
One thing's for certain, we LOVE the neighbourhood.  We are a stones-throw away from some amazing restaurants, cafes and bakeries... one of which I will claim has the best bread and patisseries in the city- Le Fromentier.  Today's breakfast and even the rest of the day paralleled this video from the movie J'ai tué ma mère, albeit a liiiitle simpler.

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