Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vacation photos - Maine aka. "Vacationland"

'twas a dark and stormy night... Sounds like the beginning of a horror story, but no, it also encapsulates our camping experience in Maine.  Thankfully, there were two good breakfasts to be had.  After a soggy night in Acadia National Park, the sky cleared and we walked to the sea...

...and had breakfast in Southwest Harbor.  Considering our dinner the night before consisted of chips, beer, and two campfire hotdogs whilst sitting in the car, we were ready for a good meal.  As you can tell by my hunger, the photographs were taken mid-meal.

The rest of the day was lovely - we drove to Camden, and had some home-style lemonade by the harbor, then made our way to our stay for the night, a farmhouse outside of Rockland.  It was the highlight of the trip by far.  We got along well with the hosts, sharing many a conversation.  The next morning, we had breakfast on the patio.  Eggs from the chickens running wild in the garden and a smoothie with local berries, right on!

Unfortunately, the weather for the next couple days predicted 100% heavy thunderstorms and we were meant to be camping on the beach.  Thus, we thought it best to take a visit to Portland, and head home (through the White Mountain National Forest nonetheless!).

Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Diamond Jubilee

I will admit it, I am fiercely proud of my British heritage (not always the case whilst travelling abroad though, as you can imagine...).  Despite any qualms one may have with the British, one must admit - they can put on a hell of a show/party/extravaganza.  The festivities that surrounded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee fell nothing short of that.  I woke up on Sunday morning and caught the beginning (and, well, middle and end) of the Themes flotilla.  Antoine, meanwhile, knowing that it would be difficult to pry me away from the event prepared some tea and French toast (hint, hint?).

The only thing missing was some gin. #ginoclock

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Un nouveau chez nous

New housemates...
 So it has been a little quiet on the Biche Breakfast side, but with good reason - we've moved!  Over a month ago now Antoine came to join me in Montreal and we moved to our new (well, old really) apartment in the Plateau Mont-Royal.  Now the walls are painted, the appliances are up & running, the boxes are unpacked, but we still have a little while to go before it is fully functional and to our taste.  That's the fun part though, right?

Designing our kitchen on IKEA home planner...
One thing's for certain, we LOVE the neighbourhood.  We are a stones-throw away from some amazing restaurants, cafes and bakeries... one of which I will claim has the best bread and patisseries in the city- Le Fromentier.  Today's breakfast and even the rest of the day paralleled this video from the movie J'ai tué ma mère, albeit a liiiitle simpler.