Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Wild Oat

Long-time friends + Wild Oat Goodness = bliss
Ever found a place that has just the right mix of everything: food, music, art, welcoming staff, etc...?  That's what The Wild Oat is for me.  This bakery/cafe in Ottawa's trendy neighbourhood the Glebe has been where my high school friends and I have been meeting up for brunch for years.  We all have our favourites on the menu: Jenny has the Wildplate, Chelsea has the Everything Omelette, Laura and I have fruit salads, yogurt and a treat (goat cheese croissant for her, cinnamon bun for me).  Paired with their amazing coffee, happiness in a mug.  Now that I no longer live in Ottawa, when I come home, we always know to book a Wild Oat brunch to catch up.
Together again :-)

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