Sunday, January 01, 2012


We were at a dinner party for New Year's Eve and the inevitable question about resolutions was passed around the table.  Up first was Antoine who was quick to say "to eat fruit" to which everyone replied with stunned silence.  Let me explain.  Antoine has not just a dislike, but more a fear of fruit.  There is even a hierarchy to this fear.  For example, berries are more acceptable than bananas.  So for the first breakfast on the first day of this new year, we decided on french toast (with a splash of Tia Maria) topped with yogurt, berries and granola à la Vieux Vélo.  Well let's just say I was overly hopeful for the quantity of berries Antoine was going to eat as he topped each piece of french toast with one raspberry each. Small steps, small steps...Evidently, the photo is of my breakfast. 

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  1. Affirmative, fruit is indeed a real problem for me. By the end of the year, my plate will look exactly like yours. One step at a time ma BICHE, one step at a time.